Petra Pakārkle


I was introduced to Yoga nine years ago. I have tried different styles of yoga until found one what suited me. At the beginning I enjoyed hatha yoga and was teaching it.

Now my passion is Ashtanga yoga, especially after attending Ashtanga classes given by the fabulous teacher Lino Miele in Estonia. Since that I attend regular seminars and retreats, taught by Lino Miele both in Estonia, Italy and India. my studies at the Latvian Sport Academy helped me to understand the physical body better . After finishing the course at Baltic Yoga School Gundega, I am a certificated yoga teacher.

I love Ashtanga yoga, because it is an endless learning process, which is slow and solid. It is not the easiest choice. It is a meditation through motion and breath. It never becomes boring, because you develop yourself both physically and mentally.

By doing Ashtanga yoga regularly, I have attained strength, energy, motivation and inspiration to live with an open heart and calm mind. I believe in this system, created by Sri Pattabhi Jois, and follow this tradition.

I teach Ashtanga yoga classes.