Govind (Aleksejs Busarovs)


2003 I attended my first yoga class, just out of curiosity, to clarify, what is this exotic thing, which attracted such a famous pop stars like Sting and Madonna. I enjoyed yoga immediately and practice it now more than 12 years.

I started to teach yoga 2007, but later in India I got my 200 hours Yoga Teacher certificate in Dharamsala (YogaLife) and 500 hours Yoga Teacher Certificate in Rishikesh at Anand Prakash Ashram (World Conscious Yoga Family) in India.

I consider Vinaya Chaitanya, a disciple of Nataraja Guru, as my teacher and friend. Great influence to my yoga practice comes from Yogi Vishviketu of Akhanda Yoga and Deva Ram of Yogi Nomad. Searching for my own Guru, I have been in India, Nepal and Tibet, but coming back home, I understood, that the main teacher is always with us – we carry him in our hearts.

Thanks to intensive studies in India and accumulated experience, I took initiative to establish the Baltic Yoga School “Gundega” which is accredited by the International Yoga Alliance. I am still a director of the Baltic Yoga School study program.

In addition to yoga, I enjoy swimming and being in nature. At the moment I am in the final stages of my doctoral studies on innovation and internet. I give also lectures on e marketing at the Institute of Telecommunications. I believe that it is possible to unite yoga and business, and I try to teach to my students that ethical and responsible business is fully sustainable.

To me Yoga is the source of peace.

I teach Hatha yoga for beginners.