Vinyasa Yoga Studio in Riga

Yoga teachers of our studio have a common excitement about yoga and we all want to share our knowledge and experience. We like the flow of movement and dynamics of yoga postures. Vinyasa teaches us to move according to the breath flow and sequence of postures (asanas) as in a dance, so that the mind, breath and body are united.


In our studio, yoga classes will help people to relax from stress and strained daily routines, forget all that and improve the well-being, the mental and physical condition and experience peace and harmony.


Welcome to Vinyasa yoga studio! We offer You:

  • Cosy place to rest from daily routine
  • Nice location in Riga’s Quiet Centre
  • Teachers who are experienced and friendly
  • Exciting classes both for beginners and experienced yogis & yoginis.
  • Different types of Yoga